PPC Google Adwords

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?
Ever noticed the sponsored links at the top, bottom and sides of a search engine results page? These are paid for links and if correctly targeted can prove to be an invaluable advertising platform.

PPC Google Adwords

Why Choose a Pay Per Click Management Agency?

If managed in the correct way PPC campaigns are completely accountable. Each campaign or keyword can be reported on and monitored in terms of its effectiveness for driving conversions. On page A/B testing can also be vital to a successful sponsored link campaign. The price of PPC is generated through a complex algorithm that the search engines score your campaign against. One side of the pricing is the competitiveness of a keyword phrase; high competition means a high price. The other side takes into account the quality of the content on your webpage, the optimisation in your advertisement and the strategical planning of your ad groups and overall campaign. Without expert advice it is very easy to waste a lot of money in a very short timeframe on PPC advertising. It is imperative that an in-depth consultation is arranged before any budgets are allocated to PPC advertising. Forefront has been providing specialist PPC services to many areas to local, national and international companies since 2004.

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